Thursday, January 3, 2013

New goals...

So first off let me apologize for not being around for the past couple of months. The holidays...yadda yadda yadda.

With that being said...HAPPY NEW YEAR! And a happy one it will be too. I can promise you all that this year will be so much better than 2012. Although 2012 was not all bad. I ran my first and second half marathon AND beat my goal times. I ran in my first mini-ultra which was a blast and now I am hooked. And last but not least...I got a PR for my 10K time. So yes, 2012 brought some good adventure as well and I am looking forward to more.

I have already signed up for a few races for 2013. The Shires of Vermont Marathon is in mid-May seems promising and beautiful with literally no elevation gain. I am running the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in June for the Upper Valley Haven in Hartford, VT. (Please be aware that I will be fundraising for this run!) My ultimate goal will be the VT50 in September. There will be a lot of running between now and then to get ready for that. Thankfully I have the Streakers! group to help me stay running and motivated.

The goal of the Streakers! is to run at least 2 miles every day for the month of January and into February if possible. (Thank you Sherpa John for creating this group and challenge!) Each day is to be documented.
There is an optional naked mile to be ran on January 31st. I am still unsure how I feel about being naked in frigid New Hampshire weather, let alone having to have photo proof that I did it. First of all I believe that sports bras were invented for a reason. I like to have my girls firmly squished against my chest when running. I don't appreciate a lot of movement up there. Secondly, I am not sure who wants to see my backside all shiny, white, and covered with goosebumps running/streaking down the road in only running shoes, gloves, and a hat. I mean seriously, where in the hell am I suppose to put my iPod!!?? not answer that. PLEASE.

Well then...
So far I have completed two days of my running streak. Day one was great. I completed 3.38 miles in 32:28. Not too bad for not having ran in over a month due to life and holidays. Day two shall I explain it...DAMN COLD. It was 4 degrees when I left my house and the wind chill was around -8. I had icicles hanging off my eyelashes. I ran a measly 2.69 miles in 26:41. Not as fast and I blame the cold and headwind. (Hey I can blame who and what I want to thank you!!) My husband waited for me to get home and had a warm towel right out of the dryer for me. It was a welcomed sight and helped to thaw my face.
I can only imagine what tonight's run will be like. Last I checked it was -11 outside. Goody.

Ok well I am done rambling for now. I am off to prepare for tonight and my thawing out process to follow.

Happy feet are running feet!!

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  1. I gotta say that when you referred to "naked run", I immediately thought about a run without watch, iPod, other equipment. I did NOT think literally naked. Whoa.

    Great races on your schedule! I've not the VT50 (yet) so can't wait to follow along :)