Saturday, November 17, 2012

Smells like...

Strapping on my brand new Newtons this afternoon I found myself ready to roll. (I missed my purple Terra Momentums but felt I needed to give my Aqua ones a chance too!)
Aqua Terra Momentum

I had no plans to go out too fast or too far for that matter. My goal was to run about 5 miles and soak up some of the sun that has seemed to be hiding lately. The cool air was refreshing and my normal route inviting.

Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge

I love where I live. The seasons are beautiful, (even winter when I am FREEZING), and the landscape is gorgeous. Where I run is especially nice.

Ammonoosuc River in Woodsville/Bath, NH...My view as I run.

Normally the route that I run is relatively quiet with little to no traffic. Today was a different experience.
My husband, Robert, came with me today and rode his bike as I ran. I enjoy that time away from the kids to be able to get some talk time that we do not always get. Unfortunately, much of this run was spent dodging dump trucks. 
Yes, DUMP TRUCKS. A lot of them. It seemed as if the areas dump truck brigade had decided to convene in one of the many corn fields that line the back road where I run. Not only were my husband and I dodging the dump trucks driven by men who couldn't keep their eyes on the road and seemed to like the view of my attire, but we also were having to endure some smells. There was the wonderful wafting smell of diesel exhaust but also the smells of what the trucks were carrying. Poo. Smells like Poo.
The dump trucks were bringing truck load after truck load of manure to line the desolate corn fields with. Now I am all for natural fertilization of the local farms in the area. However, I do not enjoy it being done while I am on my run. Maybe I should let them know my training schedule so that I may run in peace and not have my nasal passages infiltrated with such a putrid smell. 

With that being said, I had a pretty successful run. I ran down River Rd for about 2.5 miles and then back home. I had a headwind for most of the way there, which made the smell that much better, and zoned in on a steady pace on my way home. Maybe part of that was my goal to get as far away from the smell as possible. Or maybe I am just getting stronger. Either way, I was steady.

Returning home I noticed I took 10 seconds of my time per mile and felt strong. 

I found it funny that on this app that "running" is spelled incorrectly!

So that was my running adventure of dump trucks and poo. My husband was a trooper through all of it and was able to keep me laughing and not gagging through the smells. 

My next adventure...the 20th Annual Hanover Turkey Trot 10K on Sunday! Maybe I will see the running turkey heads again this year. My goal is to run it in under an hour. We will see how I am feeling at the start! 

Love, peace, and running shoes!

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